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I’m Laura Young and this is TheLauraYoung.com (formerly TheTwentyFivePlusFive!) I’ve grown from 25+5 to a 30ish girl. I’m still living my life to the fullest and beyond in Norwalk, Connecticut. I’m a first grade teacher by day who dabbles in fitness, classic fashion, healthy cooking, and travel. My husband and I recently bought a vintage Cape-style home, and we are having a blast fixing it up with our devilsh rescue cat, Delaney, and sweet labradoodle puppy, George, by our side.

I hope you’ll find this space welcoming and filled with everyday life inspiration. I share everything that is on my mind, in my heart, and in my shopping cart. 2020 has taught me that life is meant to be cherished, positivity can be a choice, and your voice is the most powerful tool you possess. The seemingly mundane is what I enjoy most these days. That is why I choose to shine everyday, no matter what life throws at me. My inbox is always open!

‘Even I Can Do It’ features recipes, crafts, and tips I’ve tried- some I’ve nailed while others are complete fails. My Teacher Tips were created with parents and caregivers in mind <3.

I love sharing brands authentically with my readers. To collaborate or receive my media kit, contact: hello@thelaurayoung.com

Laura Barbosa Young aka the TwentyFivePlus5
Laura Barbosa Young aka the TwentyFivePlus5

Photos taken by Julia Dags (bottom 2) and Sydney Sheehan