The TherMOMirror: Giving Parents Safety and Peace of Mind

The TherMOMirror: Giving Parents Safety and Peace of Mind.

As new parents, we are inundated with an overwhelming number of products that are designed to make us feel safer with our little ones. There are bassinets that prevent dangerous rolling in newborns, devices that monitor breathing while baby sleeps, an apparatus that saves a child from choking, and the list goes on. Making sure your baby has the safest products is enough to make your head spin. This winter, I had the honor of being introduced to a new product, The TherMOMirror (pronounced: thermo-mirror).

This week, temperatures hit over 90 in Connecticut. With the humidity, it felt even hotter. I start the car before putting Benny in, but it is often hard to tell when it’s truly cool enough to place him in the backseat. The TherMOMirror takes the guess work out of it. I can easily see what the temperature is and make sure it is comfortable for him.

What Is the TherMOMirror?

Did you know that a baby’s body temperature changes 3-5 times faster than an adult’s? The TherMOMirror is a car mirror that carefully monitors the backseat temperate so you always know it is safe back there for your little one. The temperature is displayed in a digital format with reverse writing so that you can view it in your rearview mirror. It comes in four colors and has the option for Celsius or Fahrenheit. Currently priced at just $19.99, it makes the perfect addition to your baby registry or a great gift to give a new parent.

the thermomirror giving parents safety and peace of mind

Installing the TherMOMIrror

I installed it in the car by myself. It was truly that easy. If I could do it, anyone on the planet can.

The TherMOMirror comes with simple four-step directions. The mirror easily pops into the holder and pivots in all directions. There is a tiny pin that inserts into the back of the mirror to read the temperature. Then, it can easily attach to the backseat using a four-strap harness.

A Little More About the Brand

The founder, Michelle Atia, is a mother and NICU nurse. She created the TherMOMirror to help equip parents with a tool that provides safe travel for little ones. Michelle also created the TherMOMirror with the thought of helping give parents peace of mind. As a new parent myself, finding a product like this is truly invaluable.

the thermomirror giving parents safety and peace of mind

The thermomirror giving parents safety and peace of mind

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