Your Favorite Workwear Pants

A few days ago, I posted an Instagram poll asking you to share your favorite ‘work pants.’ In addition to all the great suggestions, I received many responses asking me to share. So, I’ve compiled a list of the most suggested pants from the poll.

  1. Maeve the Colette Ponte Pants from Anthropologie $120 (Available in 3 colors)
  2. J Crew Factory Ruby Pants $89.50 (currently on sale)
  3. Spanx Perfect Pants
  4. Banana Republic Ryan Pants
  5. Loft Riviera Slim Pants
  6. JCrew Slouchy Boyfriend Chinos
  7. Old Navy Pixie Pants
  8. Zara High Waisted Pants
  9. Maeve Wide Leg Flare Pants $130 (Available in 5 colors)
  10. Ann Taylor The Slim Pant $98 (on sale for $49!)
Your favorite workwear pants

What I’m Ordering

Over the last few years, I have been trying to shop smarter. Before having Benny I had a work wardrobe that consisted of about ten pair of pants that I wore regularly. I knew that ordering ten pair of pants in a bigger size wouldn’t make the most sense, so I’m trying to start with the basics- black, navy, khaki. I ordered a pair of “Maeve the Colette Ponte Pants” in black and the “JCrew Factory Ruby Pants” in navy and khaki. I’m excited to try both styles and hope they fit to my liking.

My ‘big rule’ when it comes to shopping is this- Return anything that doesn’t fit perfectly. My wardrobe doesn’t have room for anything I don’t love. I’m excited to try the pants I ordered, and I will most definitely share a try-on on Instagram once everything arrives.

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