Love It or Leave It- 10 Baby Products

Love it or leave it- 10 baby products- my thoughts on some popular products. I will say that each product listed comes with rave reviews. So, as always, these are just personal opinions on what we’ve loved and what we could have lived without.

  1. SollyWrap- Leave it!: This baby carrier comes with rave reviews. I have friends who quite literally could not function without their SollyWraps. However, it didn’t work for us. I tried for a few weeks, but I never seemed to be able to get Benny in a comfortable position. We both do better with a more structured wrap.
  2. ErgoBaby 360– Love it!: This is a product we couldn’t live without. Benny tends to get fussy in the evenings. He often takes his last nap of the day in our ErgoBaby 360. It is safe enough to use with infants as small as 8lbs! It is great to wear around the house or take on a walk. This is a product that can grow with baby and be used to carry a toddler, too.
  3. Baby Brezza Water Dispenser– Love it!: We didn’t register for this item as I intended on exclusively breastfeeding. (L O L- more about that here) This water dispenser has been a game changer. It is easy to fill, dispenses water easily, and simple to clean. Being able to make warm formula bottles has been handy, especially in the middle of the night.
  4. Stokke Steps High Chair: Love it! We initially put this on our registry with just the chair. However, after watching some of the cool videos on the Stokke website, I decided to add the bouncer. The bouncer attachment has been one of Benny’s favorite places to be since he was a few days old. We love that it clips directly onto the chair, so Benny can have a perfect view of the room at a higher height. The chair turns into a conventional toddler highchair and then a child’s seat and step stool. This is something that can truly grow with a child, making the price totally justifiable.
  5. Merlin’s Magic Suit– Love it! Around 8 weeks, Benny really started to hate being swaddled. Just shy of 12 weeks, we transitioned him out of the Snoo and into his crib. At this point, we dropped his swaddle and transitioned him to Merlin’s Magic Suit, or as we affectionately nicknamed it “Benny’s Magic Marshmallow Man Suit”. He absolutely loves it!
  6. Mudpie Baby Socks– Love it! The absolute cutest collection of baby boy socks, and they actually stay on little feet!
  7. Bumbo Changing Pad– Love it! I was that idiot who had a classic changing pad with a beautiful linen cover on it. After just one day, we decided to order the changing pad by Bumbo. It wipes clean easily and comes in a variety of colors.
  8. Comotomo Bottles- Leave it! I just can’t seem to understand why everyone raves about these bottles. They are super aesthetically pleasing, but Benny was not a fan. He really had trouble latching onto them to eat, and I found the shape to be cumbersome to hold. We’re currently using Laninsoh bottles.
  9. Muslin Swaddles- Leave it! I think I registered for two dozen muslin swaddles. I can honestly say I still don’t know how to swaddle properly. Benny loved his zip-up swaddles, and we loved that they were super easy to put on.
  10. Newton Baby Mattress– Love it! This mattress is breathable, safe, and made without foam, latex, glue, or other toxic materials. We purchased an extra waterproof cover and currently have Benny sleeping on it without an additional cribsheet. The website notes that a breathable sheet is safe to have on the mattress, but we have yet to put one on.

There are so many other products we have been using and LOVING that I will share in another blogpost soon.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! We had a few different wraps/carriers, and my child hated them! If I could do it over I would’ve just gotten one cheap one.

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