Nautical Nursery for a Baby Boy

Last summer, I started dreaming about a nautical nursery for a baby boy. I pinned up a storm, but wasn’t ready to buy anything just yet. Come November, and I found myself on bedrest stressing over the empty nursery down the hall. I have an affinity for all things blue, and we live two miles from the beach. So, I knew I wanted to make the space something nautical and fun with navy and neutrals.

Enter Brooke Haven

Brooke and I connected on Instagram over our love for our dogs! She’ll be the first person to tell you that she didn’t attend fancy design school nor does she call herself a designer. I guess she’s right. Brooke is like your friend with really good taste who can read your mind and make the vision in your head a reality. She’s the friend who somehow manages to find a more budget-friendly version of that $500 woven basket your husband would kill you for splurging on. To me, that is so much better than a fancy designer. Brooke prides herself on transforming real spaces for real people with real budgets. If you are local to Fairfield or Westchester Counties, consider hiring Brooke to transform part of your home.

Pictures of the Nursery

The before…

The after:

The Details

  1. Crib: Our Pottery Barn crib is secondhand from our very generous friends.
  2. Rocking Chair: We decided on this chair, because it fits well in a small space and converts to a regular arm chair. We ordered it in custom fabric, and it took about 15 weeks to be delivered.
  3. Dresser: The Hemnes Dresser from Ikea is all it’s cracked up to be. Extremely budget-friendly and holds a ton. I am still looking to find new knobs as I’d like to change them out from the silver ones.
  4. Large Bookshelf: Brooke found this for us on All Modern. I love that it isn’t nursery furniture. We can certainly use it elsewhere in our house if we ever want to move it out of Benny’s room.
  5. Rug: We snagged this rug on super sale! It’s sold out, but I linked some similar options.
  6. Yacht Mobile: There were surprisingly tons of options. After being outbid for several mobiles on eBay, we decided on this one from Amazon. Brooke attached it to our ceiling for us.
  7. Art Work: I cannot believe I had never heard of Art To Frame before. We had these Etsy prints framed for under $100 each!
  8. Wall Bookshelves: We ordered three of these in the ‘special walnut’ stain. They shipped fast and were easy to install.
  9. End Table: Once I had my bedrest orders relaxed a bit, we went on a wild goose chase to find this coffee table.
  10. All other odds and ends: Brooke collected pieces from a variety of places. She styled the shelves and tables while I was at the hospital delivering Benny. (No, I’m not kidding!) She even met our electrician to install the sconces above his crib. You can find Brooke on Instagram where she will happily answer any, “Where did you find that?” questions.

Many of the pictures in this post were taken by Brooke Allison Photography

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