5 Amazon Prime Must Haves From Our First Week Home

People warned us that our Prime account would be flurried with orders during our first week home. I’m sharing our 5 Amazon Prime must-haves from our first week home with Benny. To skip to the list, click here.

1. So Many Zip-Up Onesies

File this under- things I should have listened to when I was pregnant. Everyone warned me that I wouldn’t want to mess with snaps when dressing a newborn. My friend gave us a few zip-up onesies and urged me to order more. I didn’t listen, and I definitely regret it. After being home for a few hours, we realized we needed more.

2. A&D Ointment

If you have a little boy, you’re going to need loads of A&D ointment. Trust me.

3. Breast Pump Replacement Parts

I felt completely unprepared to begin breast-feeding. After meeting with our lactation consultant on our second day home, we went on Amazon and ordered a ton of things; proper fitting flanges, shields, and replacement parts for our pump. Later on in the week, a certain labradoodle found his way into Benny’s room and managed to chew two flanges to shreds. I wish I was making that story up.

4. New Bottles

We registered for all the fancy bottles. I swore I wanted to use glass bottles only. After meeting with our lactation consultant, she suggested we switch to the Lansinoh bottles linked here. Benny has been feeding much better with them, and they’re easy to clean and sanitize.

5. Changing Pads

My sister warned me about using a changing pad with a beautiful linen cover. Our very first diaper change, and it was already in need of a wash. Technically this Bumbo changing pad was not from Prime as I ordered it from Target. After our first trip out of the house for a doctor’s appointment, I packed our diaper bag and quickly realized I never registered for a changing pad for on-the-go.

Click here to see the list of our 5 Amazon Prime Must Haves From Our First Week Home

I’m also including some postpartum essentials I also ordered once we were home.

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