High Protein Snacks

High Protein Snacks Laura Young

The best advice I ever got when it comes to snacking is this- pick snacks that have protein and healthy fats. It’s a terrible feeling when you eat an ’empty snack’- like plain pretzels- and feel hungry a little while later. Since my exercise level has changed while pregnant, my diet hasn’t really changed too much, the only exception being that I consume more carbs. When I’m snacking, I try to stick to that rule and make sure all my snacks are protein-heavy.

Here are my current favorite high-protein snacks and recipes:

Prepackaged Snacks

Quick Snacks

  • Hardboiled Eggs (with a piece of fruit or sliced avocado with a piece of Eziekiel bread)
  • Smoothie with hemp seeds and Needed Powder for an added protein boost (This protein is my absolute favorite as it is virtually tasteless.)
  • Salmon Pouch with Avocado
  • Bone Broth with avocado…I love Brodo, but my absolute favorite is from a local place- Nit Noi

High Protein Snack Recipes

*All of these keep well in the freezer. So, bake ahead and enjoy for weeks to come.

Happy snacking, friends!

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  1. Love this Laura and I just committed to trying a higher in protein diet to loose weight, as my metabolism is turn to a crawl. Where can I purchase these food items, Whole Food, Trader Joe’s?

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