Budget-Friendly Maternity Favorites

The thought of dressing while pregnant completely intimidated me. From the get-go, I was determined to create a list of budget-friendly maternity favorites. I’m a firm believer that a women’s body grows however it needs to during pregnancy. That being said, I had no way of knowing when or how my body would change in the process. Around 16 weeks, I started needing to wear maternity pants. In all honesty, I don’t know why I waited so long. I may choose to wear full panel pants for the rest of my life.

My Advice Regarding Maternity Clothes

  • Don’t spend a fortune!

I’m super fortunate to be surrounded by friends and close family members who have become moms within the last few years. They kept telling me not to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes, and that is the best advice I could have been given. I avoided shopping sites with a higher price point to avoid temptation. (Love everything Hatch has to offer, but I just couldn’t justify the price point.) At 33 weeks, I’ve spent the last 7 weeks on the couch and I’m so glad I didn’t spend a fortune building a maternity wardrobe.

  • Build your collection of basics

I was also very lucky to have a few good friends share their maternity clothing collections with me. Classic bottoms and basics never go out of style. I decided to focus on adding to what I already had by making sure I picked pieces that were versatile. I bought one maternity dress and made sure it was a piece I could wear for a variety of purposes. This dress was great for school with sneakers and a jean jacket. I also wore it to a dinner party with a black leather Moto jacket and booties.

  • Shop brands with forgiving fits

Finally, I shopped non-maternity pieces that have a more forgiving fit. In the last two years, fertility drugs and pregnancy have caused my weight and shape to fluctuate. I find Hillhouse dresses, Dudley Stephens fleeces, and J Crew sweaters to be closet staples that continue to fit my body no matter how it changes.

More Favorites

  1. Seraphine Maternity/Nursing Tops (2-Pack): Love the fit and material
  2. Boyfriend Jeans- Full Panel: These quickly became the jeans I wore all pregnancy, and they’re a fraction of the price of the other pairs I own.
  3. 3-Pack Maternity T Shirts: I typically do not shop on Amazon, but these tops are an exception to my rule. I wear them every week, and they’re perfect for layering under sweaters.
  4. Neutral Dress
  5. Dudley Park Slope: This top is really growing with me during pregnancy. At just about 33 weeks, my belly is just starting to outgrow this top.
  6. Dudley Cobble Hill: This summer, I ordered a Cobble Hill and sized up. It has a roomy and comfy fit. Perfect to wear with leggings.
  7. Maternity Panties: Not the most attractive look, but these layer well under leggings without noticeable lines.
  8. Plain Black Everyday Leggings: I ordered a few pair when they were on sale for $8. I wear them all the time.
  9. Athletic Leggings: When I was able to work out, these were my go-to leggings. They have a ‘jogger-like’ look- which I love!
  10. Half Button Pull Over Sweater: My sister gave me this sweater, and I love it!

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