Easy S’Mores Cookie Recipe

I am so excited to share the best, easy s’mores cookie recipe with you today.

My pet peeve is having to search for a recipe on a blog post. So, if you’re just here for the recipe you’ll find it here.

Searching For the Perfect Cookie Recipe

I am not a baker. Don’t we all remember my attempt at a birthday cake for Ben last year? Three layers collapsing into one giant pile of cake and icing- it wasn’t my finest work. Last week, I decided I would attempt cookie-making since there are typically fewer steps to potentially botch. Thanks to incredibly generous friends, I had a mountain of cooking and baking magazines to thumb through while I adhered to my rest orders.

Ben is so overprotective, he asked our doctor if I was “allowed” to make cookies. She laughed and told him I could stand for thirty minutes to make cookies, but obviously he would have to do all the dishes. All week I planned to make the perfect cookies with Ben on Saturday afternoon. If you told me five years ago that my Saturday excitement would be making cookies with Ben, I would have laughed. But, here we are.

What I Like About The Recipe

The recipe came from an article in Rachel Ray’s magazine. I’m such a sucker for anything Rachel Ray creates, because I think she’s a great person. The recipe starts by making her cookie base. It was super easy, even for me. The article has several ways to add-on and get creative. Since Ben loves s’mores, we decided to make the s’more cookies. I was pretty rigid about following the recipe step-by-step. My main issue when it comes to baking is getting creative. It most certainly leads to all of my baking failures.

What We Would Do Differently Next Time

The base of the cookies were a bit too chocolatey for us. When we make the cookies again, we are going to forego the cocoa powder completely. That way, the base will just be a basic chocolate chunk cookie. The recipe yields 12 gigantic cookies. Ben decided to take half of the dough and make smaller cookies. Initially, I didn’t think this was a good idea. However, we baked them for 14 minutes and they came out perfect.

After just about five weeks, I’ve completely adjusted to “couch life.” While the fear of an early delivery for our guy is still very much there, I’m learning to enjoy this time at home. I am truly lucky to be able to be resting at home and prioritizing our baby boy without many other life stressors. Our doctors were so adamant about the importance of truly resting. I’ve been listening to our doctor’s advice to a tee- no lifting anything, no elevated heart rate, sitting or laying for most of the day, but getting up periodically to promote circulation and completing basic tasks at home; like showering, cooking a quick dinner, or walking to get the mail. I watched my sister conquer modified bedrest and hospital bedrest all while attempting to parent a toddler. I saw how difficult it was. I am lucky that I can spend my days in our quiet home. Modified bedrest is no joke, and I’m finding it is much more intense than doctor’s orders to just “take it easy.” Beginning at 25.5 weeks, it seemed impossible. But, we’re doing it day-by-day.

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