Cozy Season Favorites

I’m excited to share my cozy season favorites today. There is just something relaxing about being inside a warm home as the temperatures plummet outside. Perhaps in 2022 I will start wearing regular pants again. For now, I’m embracing the ‘couch life’ and enjoying all of these cozy season favorites. If you’re still holiday shopping, many of the items listed below would make the perfect gift for someone you love.

Laura Young Cozy Season Favorites 2021
  1. Pink Slippers On sale and super warm
  2. ChappyWrap Hands down my favorite blanket of all time. We have 5 of them, and I can’t cozy up on the couch without one.
  3. Otherland Candles I have to thank Zac Mathias for burning these incredible-smelling candles at the barre studio a few months ago. I’m obsessed!
  4. Cozy PJs
  5. Cozy Fleece Top I fell victim to this brand’s targeted ads. 100% cozy, 100% fabulous.
  6. Ember Mug My father-in-law got this mug for us a few years ago, and it is a staple for any cozy day.
  7. Cashmere Scrunchie
  8. Cozy Socks

Cozy Season Favorites

On my mind…

I’ve really been trying to adhere to a schedule each day. While I can’t plan too far into the future, I tend to operate better when I have a little bit of structure in my day. Hopefully, we can reach 32 weeks next month and be cleared to move around a little bit more and even drive to run the occasional errand. For now, I’m embracing the sedentary time and trying to keep myself busy with ‘no pressure’ activities. These are the things I can do one day, but skip the next. One of those activities is spending more time curating content for posts on the blog. Finally, I’m enjoying all the vintage SATC episodes, brain teaser puzzle books, needlepoint, and sifting through mountains of cooking magazines. As always, thanks for being here <3

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