The Best Alcohol-Free Wine and Beer

The reality is that tons of people are abstaining from alcohol or reducing their consumption for a whole variety of reasons. I am happy to share what I consider to the best alcohol-free wine and beer. If we’re being technical, they are alcohol-removed. But, they contain less than .5% ABV.

By no means am I a booze-bag, but I do enjoy a glass of wine at night or one paired with a delicious meal. For me, the need to abstain from alcohol started when we began seeking treatment to start our family. Infertility comes with a boatload of extra gifts- abstaining from alcohol during the stressful two-week wait has to be one of the worst ones. When those two-week waits occur for years, it gets a little old.

Surely Wines

When I say that I’ve tried every alcohol-removed wine on the market, I don’t think I’m exaggerating. Last year, I think I dumped about 10 bottles down the sink after I couldn’t even bear to take a sip. They were either too-sweet or tasted nothing like wine. I was about to give up my quest, when I was hit with a targeted Instagram ad for Surely.

So, I visited their website and was instantly intrigued. At first glance, I wasn’t a fan of the price tag. $25 for ONE bottle. Are they kidding me? was my first thought. The reality is, we spend well over $25 for a bottle of wine, so why wouldn’t we do the same with an alcohol-removed wine if it was truly delicious. It’s not like I would be guzzling down the entire bottle. A few ounces occasionally is all I wanted. Less than 30 calories per serving and not loaded with sugar- it seemed like a win in my book.

What I Thought

So, I decided to order two bottles. At the time, they only offered full bottles of sparkling white and sparkling rosé. No exaggeration, after one sip of the sparkling white, I was hooked. Actually delicious and the closest tasting alcohol-removed wine I’ve ever tasted. Trust me, I’ve tasted a ton.

Another issue I had was, how on earth would I drink it before the wine lost its bubbles? I only have a glass of Surely on special occasions, like when we have guests over. I wasn’t sure how I would ever finish a bottle before it went flat. What I loved most about Surely sparkling wine is that they stayed bubbly. I kept an open bottle in the fridge for the better half of a month.

I had my first glass of Surely when I was about six weeks pregnant in celebration of the last day of school. Ever since, I have been drinking Surely in secret all summer. In early August, I got an email from the marketing director at Surely asking if she could send me some bottles to try. She probably thought I was insane based on my reply. “I’m actually pregnant, and I’ve been drinking Surely all summer! I am already obsessed!” Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to try a few more varieties- sauvignon blanc and rose. I was also able to nab a great discount code to share- LAURAYOUNG. You’ll save about $3.75 per bottle by using my code.

Athletic Brewing Company

I have been on a gluten-free diet for the better half of two years. Last fall, I took a brief hiatus and indulged. Ben and I decided to take a trip to the Athletic Brewing Company tasting room up in Stratford, Connecticut. While I am not a huge beer drinker, I do enjoy an occasional cold beer on a hot day. This summer, I’ve enjoyed a few Athletic Brews while we are at summer BBQs or relaxing at the beach. My favorites are the golden and ‘run wild IPA’. Most of them have less than 100 calories in them and are considered alcohol-free since they have less than .5% ABV.

What always gets me is how much other people enjoy Athletic Brewing Company beers. I always love seeing our beer-obsessed male friends reaching for an Athletic brew in the cooler. You can look on their website to see where Athletic Brewing Company beer is sold. If you’re local, our Whole Foods is always well-stocked.

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