Easy Cricut Projects

Everything about the Cricut intimidates me. This is why I’m always looking for super easy Cricut projects to make.

Here is how I made all of these projects in less than 10 minutes per piece…

1. Buy all the SVG files on Etsy

I realize I can try and create my own on Cricut design space. However, that doesn’t seem appealing to me. I would rather pay a few dollars and buy ready-to-make designs from Etsy. After purchasing the files, I save them to my desktop and easily upload them to design space. I love how the SVG files sort based on color. It really minimizes the challenge to creating these projects.

These preppy and colorful monograms are my favorite!

Here are a few of my favorite recent purchase on Etsy.

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2. Vinyl is my best friend

Maybe one day I will venture into other materials. For now, I am super comfortable using vinyl and feel like the possibilities are endless. Typically, I buy single sheets of vinyl from Michaels. At $1.99 per sheet, I purchase every color of the rainbow. Having a variety of colors on hand makes it easy to create projects quickly.

3. Utilize Amazon and the Dollar Tree

When I first started out, I was purchased Corksicles and Yetis to adhere vinyl, too. I quickly realized that fancy blanks aren’t needed to make great projects. My most favorite projects have been with blanks I find at the Dollar Tree or order on Amazon. The wineglasses pictured are all from the Dollar Tree. I also purchase plain white mugs from there, too. They make great gifts and the quality is terrific considering the price tag. This spring, I made a few lucite trays as gifts. Amazon has a pack of 2 white trays for $50.

I’ve also started buying sets from Amazon. These lucite outdoor wine glasses are my favorite.

The possibilities truly are endless!

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