Cheers to 35 Years

Cheers to 35 years! Wow, I feel old!

Cheers to 35 Years

What 34 Taught Me

There was so much excitement in my 34th year. Last year on my birthday, we randomly looked at a house. We weren’t looking to leave our condo for a few years, but we figured it wouldn’t hurt to start looking around. Within a few hours, we had a realtor showing us around and put in an offer 2 hours before meeting up with friends for birthday cocktails. Moving into our house has been such an unexpected joy. Getting George was 100% the highlight of the year. I can’t imagine how I lived 34 years without my beautiful little muppet baby.

There was struggle in my 34th year, too. The struggles have made me realize how strong I am physically and mentally. As I’m pushed to my limits, I keep getting stronger. My positivity has faded as I approach 35. Somedays I have to stop and remind myself to count my blessings out loud, because there are so many of them in my life.

Cheers to 35 Years

What I’m Hoping for This Year

I am hoping this year brings me continued moments of uninterrupted quiet with my family. Some nights I lay on the couch with Ben and George (and maybe even our cat, Delaney, too) and think, You are one lucky girl. This year has brought a new closeness to my relationship with Ben. I hope our relationship continues to grow as we get older.

I am also 100% hoping to travel again this year. We are planning to go back to Bermuda this summer for a long weekend. When we first started dating, we took a long weekend to St. George’s, and it is still one of our favorite trips together. Although I promised we were done with all things ‘home renovation’, I hope to finish up a few minor projects around the house. We are going to replace the flooring and finish setting up our attic bedroom. We’re also going to replace all of our ugly, outdated light fixtures in the upstairs level.

This probably won’t come as a surprise, but we are still hoping for a baby this year. I don’t elaborate on our journey to parenthood as it continues to be pretty raw and sometimes a painful thing to talk about- especially in this space. We will continue to trust in God, medicine, and the notion that “what will be, will be.”

Finally, thank you for being here in this space. I love the community that we have here, and I appreciate every post you read. Your support means the world to me.

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