3 Things Thursday: 2/4/21

Here are 3 Things Thursday for this week…

  1. This glorious sequin headband! I am going to wear it for my birthday on Saturday, and I can’t wait. I usually don’t like the way large, padded headbands look, but this one is perfect.
  2. Blueland Starter Kit: After posting about green cleaning products on Sunday, I was floored by how many of you are attempting to make the switch, too. I bit the bullet and got rid of all our harsh cleaning products. I am excited to make our house as green as possible.
  3. Women’s Soft Cotton Rugby: When I look at the calendar, I see only a few more weeks until temperatures begin to thaw a bit. (Fingers crossed) I love these tops from LL Bean for cool spring days when I’m lounging around the house.

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