Literacy Podcasts for Kiddos

After I posted about reluctant readers last week, I got a bunch of messages asking me if I tuned into literacy podcasts for kiddos. Truth is, I don’t tune into many podcasts at all. For me, I don’t deal well with concentrating when listening to something like a podcast. My mind tends to wander when I plug myself in. That being said, I used the last week as an opportunity to research some literacy podcasts to share with you. I’m happy to report that I’m 100% into podcasts for kiddos.

**I fully intend to make this a growing list. Feel free to send me your suggestions so I can update the list**


Julie’s Library– Julie Andrews reading children’s books, need I say more? The best part is, her daughter joins in with reading, too.

Story Time- Tons of great stories to choose from.

African Folktalkes– I love reading traditional literature in my classroom. Folktales are a favorite as they always have a clear “message” for a young reader to uncover.

Pinna– This site is a portal of Podcasts and audiobooks for children

Other Fun Podcasts for Kiddos

Kids Ask Authors– Short podcasts that helps young writers and readers become inspired.

Buttons&Figs– A fun podcast that breaks apart the English language into fun games for kiddos. “Wacky Word Play Wednesday” is my favorite. This podcast is perfect for long car rides.

But, Why?– A podcast for all those “what if” and “why” questions for your curious kiddos

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