Dairy-Free Coffee Recipe for Winter

I am so excited to share my dairy-free coffee recipe for winter. If you all remember, I had an obsession with cold-brew and drank it all summer. Now that the temperatures have plummeted, I find myself craving something warm in my mug every morning. On the weekends, I love to curl up with George and a mid-afternoon cup on coffee. I used to be such a sucker for a coffee-shop latté, but lately, I find myself opting to make my own cup at home instead.

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When it comes to coffee, I think half the battle is finding the right appliances to make your coffee properly at home. The fomer-barista in me has been eying a true espresso machine for years. Most recently, I’ve been looking at the Nespresso machines, but since our current coffee maker isn’t broken- we don’t intend on replacing it anytime soon. Our kitchen is too tiny to house any sort of large-sized appliances. Here is what I use to make my perfect cup:

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I start by brewing one cup of coffee. Since I like my coffee light, I froth about 3 oz of creamer. I pour it over the coffee and sprinkle cinnamon on top. If I’m ever feeling like my sweet tooth needs to be satisfied, I add a teaspoon of pure maple syrup.

I find it so relaxing to curl up with a cup of coffee on a cold winter morning or afternoon. My recipe isn’t anything fancy. There is just something about frothed milk that makes it feel fancy.

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