S’Mores Cake

It is going to be really hard for me to write about my experience making this S’Mores Cake without completely cracking up in laughter. As the pictures show, I completely nailed it. You better believe I lit this badboy up and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to my husband. I’m going to file this one under, ‘not-so-easy-even-I-couldn’t-do-it.’

S'More Cake

The Recipe

When Ben told me that he wanted a ‘S’mores Cake’ for his birthday, I scoured the internet looking for recipes. He is very particular, doesn’t like whipped cream, and loathes cream cheese. Lindsay from Love, Life, and Sugar shared this recipe in July. It is all over Pinterest and rightfully so. I never thought I would describe a cake as being absolutely gorgeous, but it definitely is. Recently, I find myself lost in Lindsay’s recipes, because they are incredible. She has posts for everything, and I found this post on building a cake to be especially helpful. The only issue is, I watched it after my horrific assembly pictured below.

S'More Cake

What Went Wrong

Nearly everything in the assembly process. I take 100% responsibility for this cake collapsing. After my fourth hour in the kitchen, I didn’t properly let the cakes cool before I tried to assemble them. I would highly suggest baking the chocolate cakes a day prior to assembling.

Full disclosure, I do not own pastry bags. If there comes a point in time where I purchase them, I will also be buying myself a tall white hat to create the facade that I’m a real baker. When I tried to make the frosting dam, all hell broke loose. There was frosting in a make-shift, Ziplock pastry bag, frosting dripping on the cabinets, and frosting plopped on the floor.

If I had watched Lindsay’s video on cake assembly, perhaps it would have gone smoother. I tend to rush through baking projects. Baker’s fatigue is my biggest downfall. I think I lacked the stamina to complete this cake. Maybe next time.

S'More Cake

What Went Right

I have to give it to Lindsay for the directions on this cake. Every step is clear and easy enough to follow. The ingredient list wasn’t anything too crazy, and I had most things in our cupboards already.

The chocolate cake itself was so incredibly rich and the perfect consistency. Ben is a tough customer when it comes to cakes, and he said it was one of the best chocolate cakes he has ever had. I loved the graham cracker crunch layer. I may have tried a few spoonfuls of the marshmallow frosting, and it was divine. I made way too much, and Ben has been snacking on the extra frosting this week.

S'More Cake

My challenge to you- please make this cake and send me your pictures. Even if it’s a visual fail, the taste is incredible!

S'Mores Cake

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