Three Things Thursday 1/7/21

Here are my Three Things Thursday 1/7/21

This Book

I ordered Chanel Miller’s book back in August and finally read it this month. Know My Name is a memoir that will leave you in awe. I followed Chanel’s story in the media as it was unfolding years ago. To read her experience really made me realize there is so much that needs to be changed in the way we handle sexual assault cases in our country. My heart feels for Chanel and her story shows what a courageous woman she is.

This Yeti Mug

How the heck did I live without this thing? I can fit a 8oz cup of coffee in it and an additional 2 ounces of frothed almond milk. I’m shocked at how warm it kept my coffee. The only downside is that it doesn’t fit in my cupholder when I’m in the car.

This Cast Iron Oven

Ben’s mom got this exact one for us when it was on super sale last month. It is still still heavily marked down and worth every penny. I use it all the time to cook everything from meat to rice dishes and everything in between. I even used it to make this delicious risotto last week.

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