Even I Can Do It- Seafood Risotto

Click here is you’re looking for just the recipe <3: Even I Can Do It- Seafood Risotto.

Even I Can Do It Seafood Risotto Laura Young

I am super excited about this new series- Even I Can Do It. (More about this at the bottom of the post) I look forward to sharing recipes and projects that I’ve tried and (hopefully) succeeded at. There may be some major Pinterest Fails along the way, and I promise to share those unfiltered photos for your enjoyment. What better way to start this series than with: Even I Can Do It- Seafood Risotto.

Being of Portuguese decent, I truly appreciate a good seafood paella. There is just something about the saffron, the rice, and all the fresh seafood that makes my mouth water just writing about it. However, Ben’s sister sent us a box of arborio rice from an Italian restaurant in Philly. I’ve been wanting to cook with it for weeks now. We decided seafood risotto would be the perfect dish for a cozy winter-break night.

The Recipe

I searched dozens of recipes on Pinterest and eventually settled on this recipe from Our Sweet Adventures. I have since connected with Christina on Instagram and really enjoy her account. She also has a travel business where she helps people plan trips. It was really cool to read more on her website. I love that she shares a mix of recipes, travel, and everyday life. My kind of girl!

What I Changed

The answer is- very little. I love the simplicity of the recipe, and it was super easy to follow. Risotto can be so finicky, and I always look for a simple recipe that can keep my attention. Once the rice starts cooking, it is constant stirring. A real arm workout.

I omitted the tomato paste and used scallions instead of white onion. I also used dairy-free parmesan cheese.

In terms of seafood, I used squid, prawns, and scallops. Ben isn’t a fan of mussels, so we left those out.

What I Cooked the Risotto In

Ben’s mom got us a new caste iron petite french oven on super sale. I cooked the rice in this. Out of all the pots, pans, and kitchen gadgets we have, I find that this is the best one to use when making risotto. I prepared the rice first, and it kept it nice and hot while I prepared the seafood.

Even I Can Do It Seafood Risotto Laura Young

A bit more about this new series…

If you’ve been here for awhile, you’ll know that I am a big fan of sharing the content of others- especially when it comes to recipes. I truly think it is the biggest compliment when someone shares something I have created, and I like to do the same.

While I absolutely love to cook, I certainly didn’t invent it. When it comes to new recipes, I typically read magazines or browse Pinterest looking for inspiration. In the spirit of making 2021 the year I become most efficient, I don’t want to spend my allotted writing time remaking recipes. I would rather share recipes I’ve tried and include my thoughts and any tweaks I made. I want to bring my Pinterest boards to life and share my thoughts on all the things I try. I will continue to share the occasional unique recipes I create, but I guess you could say I’m owning my role as a bit of a recipe curator.

If you have a recipe you’d like me to share, my inbox is always open for suggestions.

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