Farmhouse-Inspired Bathroom Renovation

It’s no secret that I loved every minute of our farmhouse-inspired bathroom renovation. I have been dying to gut our main bathroom since we first saw our house in February. Picture this- terracotta-colored floors and wainscotting that has globs of white paint all over it from a previous attempt at a spruce-up. (Insert vomit emoji here)

We’ve done quite a bit of work since moving into our home in April. Our house is so small, we have now managed to do work on every room in the place. I desperately wanted to renovate our main bathroom, but we wanted to wait until the spring as it was a big project. I believe that God must have gotten sick and tired of hearing me complain about this horrendous-looking bathroom. So, once night in October, it rained shower water all over our kitchen. The sheetrock fell through, and my dreams of renovating the bathroom came true.

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Yikes! What happened?

We had our contractor come out to see if the leak could be fixed, but to my delight- he suggested replacing the tub and some plumbing. Once we priced out the cost of putting a bandage on the problem, it made most sense to replace everything. We didn’t really know the extent of the problem until the walls were opened up. In addition to remodeling the bathroom, we also had to replace the kitchen ceiling and two walls where mold had spread. Yes, the same kitchen we demolished and renovated in June.

Deciding on a Color Scheme

If you’ve been here for awhile, you know this isn’t our first bathroom model. In our condo, I was really into a navy and gold color scheme. For this bathroom, I knew I wanted to make it similar to the rest of our house, minimal with neutrals. Black and white with farmhouse-inspired touches was the look I envisioned.

I get a lot of messages about our flooring. I love the tile, but feel like it is definitely the Ugg boot of bathroom tile. Every basic female is a fan of this flooring. I knew I wanted to pick something that was patterned, and I looked at a ton of options. But, I kept coming back to the floor we decided on. This tile is all over Pinterest, so that could be why.

A few ‘must haves’

Ben is really good at reading online reviews. It is a skill I don’t have the patience for. For that reason, he picked out a few of the important things for our bathroom:

The extra odds and ends

We decided to change our linen closet into open-shelving. While we will miss being able to shut the door on disorganization, it has given us some extra space. It is also nice to feel a bit forced to stay organized as neither of us will want to look at a mess. We are still working to complete organizing the closet, but we had a blast picking out storage bins over Thanksgiving Weekend. (More on that project in a post soon!)

farmhouse-inspired bathroom renovation

I can officially say that this is the final renovation project inside our house. We truly love this place. I guess they say that it isn’t a house that makes a home, rather the people who are inside it. While that is partially true, I can honestly say we felt cramped and anxious to get out of our condo last year at this time. We absolutely love our house, and we feel so content being here. We’re keeping our eyes on the next goal- adding on to the ‘little house that could’ in the next three years.

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