Birdies Teacher Discount Program

Let’s be honest, the “teacher discount” is certainly a perk of being in the profession. I am always on the hunt for well-made comfortable shoes to wear to school. When I had the opportunity to try a pair of Starling flats, I jumped. Birdies teacher discount program is one way that the brand is showing teachers some love.

It is super easy to enroll in the program. Verify yourself by uploading a picture of your ID badge and filling out a form here and you can enjoy a 20% off discount code.

Chic Meets Comfort

When I posted to stories last week, a follower compared wearing Birdies to “walking on pillows all day.” That description is spot-on. I highly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves on their feet all day. They are very breathable, too. I don’t even need to wear no-show socks with my Birdies.

Usually when something is comfortable, it is less than stylish. Somehow, Birdies are both comfortable and chic. The leather is stunning, and the cognac color goes well with anything. They look great with denim, pants, skirts, or dresses.

A Shoe That’s Worth It

The older I get, the more I appreciate quality over quantity. Timeless over fast fashion. Loafers and slides are styles of shoe I’ve been wearing for years. Like most other teachers, I don’t like to wear pricy items to school. You never know when you might get swiped with an Expo marker or thrown up on. I’m speaking from experience on both. I’ve found myself reaching for my Birdies almost everyday this week. Shoes are one thing I’m willing to invest in for my school wardrobe. The Birdies Teacher Discount Program makes them super-affordable.

A Few Favorites

I had such a hard time picking out which pair of Birdies I wanted to try. The voting collection is swoon-worthy for sure. I love the Starling in black velvet, too. My Birdies wishlist is a long one!

A special thanks to Birdies for sending me a gorgeous pair of new shoes to start the school year. You sure know how to make a teacher feel loved.

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