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We are better together- always.

I feel super passionate about the current state of public education. As someone who once worked in an underfunded school, I am the first person to get on my soapbox and talk about how all schools are not created equal. Yes, all teachers spend their own hard-earned money on items for their classroom. But, our teachers in under-funded districts are spending their money on basics that some of us often take for granted. Think things like copy paper, soap, or pencils.

For example, in my first teaching job, my colleagues and I used to spend the entire summer driving to different Walmart locations to stock up on 25 cent crayon boxes and assemble supply packs for each of our kiddos. I have fond memories of Back-to-School shopping when I was young. It breaks my heart that any kiddos or parents have to bear the stress of worrying about how to pay for school supplies.

I am so beyond blessed to work in a school with a very active and financially generous parent-teacher organization. I try to never take that for granted. The students in my class never have to wonder if there will be enough markers to last the year. My classroom is filled with supplies. I can’t help but feel a bit sad each year thinking about all of the students who do not have this experience in their classroom. No child should have to do without in the classroom and no teacher should bear the burden of making sure the classroom is stocked with so many of the things that make learning possible. This year, some teachers are adding basic safety supplies to their list.

Please use the links below to read about each educator and see her wishlist. If we all work together, we can help fulfill these wishlists. Thank you for your support đź’•

Meet the Educators

Mrs. Julian: A 30-year veteran kindergarten teacher looking for basic school supplies to help her kiddos get through the year.

Ms. Hayward’s Wishlist :Ms. Hayward teaches in my old school district and is raising money to fund school supply boxes and cleaning supplies.

Meredith’s Wishlist : Meredith is looking for basic classroom supplies to help her room run safely this year.

Mrs. DeMott: She is looking for basic school supplies for her students this year.

Mrs. Ortiz: With this project, Mrs. Ortiz is looking to fund a color printer so she is able to print materials to send home with her students.

Mrs. Kirchberger: She is looking to fund tables for her students in order to maximize social distancing in her classroom.

Ms. Leeber: Catherine is looking for basic classroom supplies to help her room run safely during the school year.

Mrs. Caroboni: She is looking for basic classroom supplies this year.

Ms. William’s Wishlist: Please consider donating to help support Ms. William’s class wishlist.

Ms. Harden’s Wishlist: Please help support this Pre-K classroom.

Ms. Vinci’s Wishlist: Kristen is an ICT teacher in Queens, NY. Her students are predominantly English Language Learners.

Miss Pollio’s Wishlist: Support a kindergarten teacher from Dallas.

Ms Addision’s Wishlist: Support Ms. Addison’s class this year. She’s a Norwalk Public School Teacher. (Yay, Norwalk!)

Ms. Kanel’s Wishlist: Support Ms. Kanel’s class by funding her Donor’s Choose project.

Srta. Landa’s Wishlist: Support Srta Landa by clicking the link to see her wishlist.

A few things…

You may have heard me use the term “title 1” to describe certain school districts. “Title 1” means that a school qualifies for federal funding based on the socioeconomic status of the children attending the school. You can read more about it here. The idea is to make it a more level playing field amongst public school children. All children should have equal access and resources. The reality is that isn’t quite the case in our country.

You may have also heard me use the term “socioeconomically disadvantaged.” I try to use this term instead of “disadvantaged” or “needy” or “underprivileged”. Many years ago, I had a parent tell me she didn’t like to be referred to using any of the terms above, because her child was “rich in love, faith, and family support” and the only thing they didn’t have was money. That really stuck with me.

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  1. This is truly amazing Laura. You’ve such a good heart and are so thoughtful!!!

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