Small Talk

What better thing to do on a Wednesday than make small talk? For the sake of this post, I thought I would organize it into a few categories and share some of my recent favorites. Nothing is organized or follows any sort of theme. It is all just a jumble of things I’m loving.

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What I’m Eating

Ben and I have been totally into pasta or pizza- making on the weekends. There is just something about pouring a glass of wine and getting your hands covered in flour. The pasta recipe that we use requires egg, so it is a rare occasion that I actually eat it. (If you’re new here, I was diagnosed with an egg sensitivity last year.) This past weekend, I indulged, and it was so delicious. We use this handheld Imperia pasta machine after it was suggested to us by a chef when we visited Padua, Italy.

What I’m Drinking

All the Rise Coldbrew. If you saw my coldbrew at home post last month, you know I’ve been trying to perfect my own recipe. I’ve come to realize that absolutely nothing beats the taste of a can of Rise Coldbrew. I pour it into my Corksicle, and it is the perfect late-morning treat. I have about half a dozen coffee cups from Corksicle, and my favorite ones are personalized from She LaLa. (Don’t worry if you’re not local, she ships!)

What I’m Wearing

So many friends posted about the JCrew Sweater Tank over the last few months. It’s so incredibly good, that I decided to order it in a few colors. I’m excited to transition the tanks into the fall. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to rush summer away.

What I’m Reading

Besides finishing up White Fragility in my book club, I’m reading a whole lot of children’s books lately. Story of a first-grade teacher’s life, I guess. I have a stack of read-aloud picture books in my office. Hair Love is written by a former NFL player turned movie director and children’s book author. The book tells the story of a young girl, Zuri, and her father. While her mom is out of town, Zuri’s dad is tasked with the job of fixing her hair that has a mind of its own. The book celebrates a father-daughter bond and a young girl’s confidence in loving herself exactly as she is.

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