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You know when you show up extremely late to a party? Like, ‘cake-is-being-cut last minute’? I shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale at the SoNo Collection on Tuesday during a literal hurricane. I guess I just didn’t realize how bad the weather was supposed to get, but Hurricane Isaias ripped through Connecticut taking the power with him. About twenty minutes after returning home, I sat down to work on this post and the power went out. Five days later, power has finally been restored, and I am excited to share my picks with you. Nothing is linked in categories. I am just simply sharing about two dozen items I consider to be great deals.

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How the sale works

The sale started on August 4th and runs through the end of the month. There are different start dates based on your status, but the key is to be a Nordstrom cardholder. Many stores are honoring sale prices for ALL cardholders who shop in person. The sale opens to non-cardholders on August 19. Having shopped the sale at every level, I can confirm that items do sell out rather quickly. I am never one to push someone to open a credit card, but the Nordstrom Anniversary perks are absolutely worth opening a card.

If you’re based in Fairfield County…

I would highly suggest visiting the Nordstrom at the SoNo Collection. The entire team is dedicated to making it a wonderful and safe shopping experience for you. The fitting rooms are open, and I felt totally safe trying on clothes with my mask on in a spacious fitting room. I visited the mall twice this week (seriously ha), and both times I was greeted by dozens of employees eagerly offering to help me find exactly what I was looking for.

Accessing the sale online

Before Nordstrom opened locally, I would shop only online. The nearest Nordstrom was only about 20 minutes away, but I still never managed to get myself there. When you look online, there are loads more items listed than in the store. Shoes, particularly tall boots, are one category that I tend to shop online for rather than in store.

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My strategy

Shopping a sale can be overwhelming, so I always like to have a strategy before I start. This year, I focused on finding athletic-wear, underwear/bras, boots, and ‘wear-to-work’ pieces. Zella is one of my favorite athleisure brands, and I am obsessed over these tank tops that I snagged during the sale. Spanx is another brand I have recently fallen in love with. I got myself a pair of these pants, and they remind me of my beloved J Crew Pixie Pant (R.I.P). Hanky-Panky and True&Co are two intimate apparel brands that I tend to snag during the sale. The sale also has a huge selection of Hunter boots and booties in various brands. My friend recently turned me onto P448 sneakers and this pair is on my list.

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Special thanks to Amy and Molly at the SoNo Collection Nordstrom store who helped me navigate the sale.

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