Favorite Plain Tees and Tanks

These days, throwing on my favorite plain tees and tanks with a pair of pants that button qualifies as “dressing up.” In recent months, I’ve really started to buckle-down in terms of what I am buying. Many people say that by age 30, you truly develop your own personal style. In the last few years, the biggest shift for me is in the colors and patterns I wear. I really don’t wear patterns anymore as I don’t like the way I feel or look in them. All of the clothes in my closet are white, black, tan, blue, or pink. These are the things I feel most comfortable in.

Favorite Tees

  1. Old Navy tees are super budget-friendly, and the fit is an A+
  2. I love J Crew tees and these linen ones are a favorite of mine. They are lightweight and perfect for hot summer days.
  3. Everyone and their mothers wear these Madewell tees. I am no different! I love them. They wash well and last for years.
  4. As a kid, my mom did a lot of shopping at Gap for herself and us. These tees stands the test of time. They were good back then, and they are even better now.
  5. I ordered this bodysuit last year assuming my bloated, complex-carb loving midsection would look horrible in it. I was 100% wrong! It is very slimming and is flattering on my us short-torsoed ladies. (I’m pretty sure I just invented the word ‘short-torsoed’.)

Favorite Tanks

  1. These $7 tanks are my absolute favorite. They are always on sale and so fabulous.
  2. I love the look of a sweater-like tank in the summer. This one is a steal at only $12!
  3. Here is another great-option for plain tanks.
  4. I love wearing a tie-back tank top with high-waisted shorts or pants in the summer. This is a great option and is also currently on sale.
  5. I have been living in these ruffle-ribbed tank tops lately. If you are petite-busted, they are very flattering!

I don’t think I can get through one day without wearing my favorite plain tees and tanks. Having a wide variety of plain-colored tees and tanks makes summertime dressing super-easy.

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