Understanding My Body Better Thanks to Ava

I’m always an open book, but even I tend to shy away from this topic more often than I care to admit. As a married women in my 30’s, I get asked several times each week if I’m pregnant. No big news quite yet, but I want to understand my body better.

Several months ago, I realized that the first step I needed to take was to gain an awareness about my body and the role hormones play. At age 13, I began suffering from very painful cramps and ovarian cysts. Getting my period was so painful, that I often fainted due to the pain. I was told by my doctor that, in a nutshell, my body couldn’t handle having a period. Despite my healthy eating habits, I was teeny-tiny at nearly 80 lbs, so I was put on hormonal birth control to help regulate my cycle. Fast forward to a few months ago, I decided to stop and let my body do its thing. I’ve been so lucky that painful periods have not returned.

I knew I wanted to use the Ava bracelet after doing much research into the different products out there. Their website proudly reads, “For wherever you are in life.” That totally spoke to me. I reached out to Ava and was thrilled when they wanted to work with me on this post.

How does Ava work?

I wear the Ava bracelet at night while I sleep, and with scientifically proven technology, it monitors skin temperature, breathing, heart rate, resting pulse rate, and perfusion (the passage of blood through the circulatory system). The bracelet tracks this data 25 times per second while I sleep, and it syncs my vitals to my phone to transfer and analyze the data. (Being the skeptic that I am, I also took my temperature under my arm for a few days, and the Ava bracelet is pretty darn accurate!) Needless to say, this isn’t some app that solely or randomly tracks your cycle, and I love that the bracelet was developed by a team of reproductive health physicians.

Why would I want to track this data?

After some testing at my doctor’s office, it became clear that it would take awhile for my body and hormones to even themselves out. I love that Ava syncs to an app on my phone so it makes conversations with my doctor easier. And if going to see my doctor is not feasible, I could email her the report. I will also be sharing the report with my acupuncturist who always asks about my cycle, too. Life gets crazy, and usually I can’t recall what I ate for breakfast, let alone when my last period started, but the Ava Bracelet remembers for me.

Ava Bracelet x TwentyFivePlusFive

Who should use Ava?

In all honesty, I think any woman who is trying to understand the way her body works should use Ava. Ava can be used to track your cycle, track fertility, and track pregnancy. Ava is an investment at $299, but it is important to note you can pay through your HSA/FSA. I love that it isn’t just a product to use while trying to conceive, and it really can be used for all of the purposes I mentioned above.

Let’s continue the conversation…

Questions about the Ava bracelet? Check out AvaWorld for loads of great articles about women’s health. As always, feel free to shoot me a comment below or an email as I’d love to answer any questions based on my experience with Ava.

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