Our New Adventure in 2020!

We’re moving in just 4 weeks!

Our decision to move was rather sudden and for no life-altering reason. We’re not relocating for work or having a baby quite yet. I came home from the gym exactly three weeks ago and did my nightly Zillow search.

So, here I was on a Monday night casually realizing we probably could buy a house this year if we really wanted to. I shouted to Ben in the next room. Before we knew it, we were making a list of houses we wanted to see. Simultaneously, we were texting one of my best friends, Lindsay. She is a realtor. If anyone can get things done- it is Lindsay.

The text read something like this, “We want a house now. Do you think we will be able to sell our condo?”

Fast-forward four days, and we were having our condo photographed. The listing went live just six days after our decision to sell. Everything seemed to happen so fast. Within 72 hours, we had dozens of people see our place and multiple competitive offers. There is even a really cute story about the people who are buying our condo that I hope to be able to share one day. I’ve had to pinch myself several times, because I still can’t believe how seamless it’s been. (Knock on wood. We don’t close until April.) We really do owe it all to Lindsay and our realtor Ben at Higgin’s Group. They are the reason this has been so seamless. (Once we close on the condo, I will do a full blog post on our strategy and how we were able to go to contract just days after the listing went live.

I purchased our current condo four years ago. I was a single girl buying this fixer-upper. People wondered what I saw in a place with green formica countertops and stained pink carpet. Just months after Ben and I started dating, I was having the kitchen demoed and contracting the project on my own. He must have thought I was nuts. Did I mention that the train literally runs through our backyard?

Just a glimpse of what it looked like when I moved in. Garbage piles and a 1980’s kitchen.

I listened to my parents and rented out my second bedroom so I could use the rental income to save for renovations. It wasn’t something I wanted to do, but I knew it was necessary if I wanted to achieve my goals for the condo. To be completely honest, it was challenging to have a roommate- especially when Ben and I started dating. I remember saving enough money to replace the carpeting and being so happy. Gutting the kitchen is a project I’m so proud to have planned by myself- without using a contractor. (Perhaps not my smartest idea, but it all worked out just fine.) I learned so much about myself and how hard work really can pay off. I also learned how to shut off a water heater when you’re home alone and water is flooding your living room. By the way, living so close to the train station is actually amazing. We are in and out of the city in under an hour door-to-door.

After Ben moved in, he helped spearhead our bathroom renovation and interior facelift (new doors, molding, etc). It didn’t become a home until he put his touches on things. Yes, including the massive television he mounted to the wall in our living room or the ‘man cave’ he created in the spare bedroom. It may sound weird, but my heart feels happy that we can hand the baton off on this place to another young couple who can make it their own.  

So, I’m missing the other half of the story- the half where I explain where we’re headed. We are thrilled to be headed to a house in Norwalk- just 15 minutes away from where we live now. One that- just like our condo- needs some TLC and elbow-grease. One that we found, fell in love with, and continue to keep our fingers crossed that we close as anticipated in a few weeks. (Knock on wood again)

Cheers to our new adventure in 2020! I cannot thank you enough for sharing in our excitement with your sweet and motivating messages. 

**Some of the pictures in this post were taken by the lovely KatDrake Photography

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  1. You are a force young lady! Wish you & Ben much joy
    & happiness in your new home. So proud of your accpmplishments!

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