The Easy Fix for Your Under-eyes

The secret to fixing those circles under your eyes…

Drumroll please…

Drink more water. Get plenty of sleep.

I’m kidding. If only that was all there was to a refreshed-looking face.

Last month, I had the amazing opportunity to work with another physican in Fairfield County, Dr. Flora Levin. Dr. Levin is an occulofacial plastic surgeon specializing in eyes. A quick scroll through her Instagram page and her work speaks for itself.

I won’t lie, aging bothers me. At 34 years-young, I’ve managed to gather a lot of awesome life experiences and somehow lost fat in my face along the way. As Dr. Levin explained to me, facial hollowness is really caused by fat-loss and there are many things that impact the aging process in someone’s face. Genetics and background certainly play a role. I can thank my Portuguese genetics for awesome hair and a face that seems to be missing more fat as I age. The fat loss causes shadows to be cast under the eyes, hence the appearance of dark circles.

Most people experience fat-loss in their faces- under the eyes and in the chin are two main areas where fat-loss often occurs. I’ve tried some great under-eye creams, and they cost a pretty penny. Even the best cream does nothing about adding fat to places it is missing. Hydration is great, but if you have dark circles caused by hollowness, a cream isn’t going to fix that.

Dr. Levin used 1 syringe of hyaluronic acid filler and added it under my eyes and to my chin. Depending on which filler is used, you can expect results to last for a few months or over a year.

Before (left) After (right)

Is it painful? The short answer is, no. Dr. Levin numbed my face so I didn’t feel much as she used a cannula to target the injections to specific points in my face.

Did I need to hide at home for days after the procedure? Absolutely not! As you can see in the photos, my face was red immediately after and a bit swollen for a few days. However, I went about my usual business and nobody noticed a thing.

Using facial filler is a great way to make a subtle change. In all honesty, nobody notices I had anything done. What I notice is this- I use less make-up. I look more rested when I look in the mirror. Some of the fine lines around my under-eyes have faded in a way that looks natural.

Celebrating being 34 years young

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