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I’m so excited to write about BD Provisions as I’ve been visiting their Newtown location since they opened last year. This past weekend, Ben and I had the pleasure of visiting their newest location in Fairfield. It is an incredibly gorgeous space.

BD Provisions is a bulk-food shop where you can purchase food in sustainable containers. They have everything from basic pantry staples to the most unique superfoods.

What is ‘zero-waste’ all about?

Zero-waste is a philosophy that revolves around the concept of reusing. According to National Geographic, there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. It’s crazy to think about how much plastic packaging and waste many of our food items contain. Nearly ever nonperishable food item in our cabinets come heavily packaged.

How does BD Provisions work?

When you visit BD Provisions, you can bring your own mason jars or purchase them on site. The store has dozens of huge barrels filled with a wide variety of food items. Flours, pasta, rice, candy, cereal- the list goes on. You simply use the scoops to fill up your jars, write the bin number on a sticker, and bring them to the front check-out to be weighed. They also have biodegradable bags to use, too.

There is more…

BD Provisions also has a wide variety of oils. Their jalapeƱo olive oil is my favorite. They also have a wide variety of spices and herbs. I love to make exotic recipes, but hate having to buy a jar of seasoning or spices that I will never finish. At BD Provisions, I can buy any spice in a small amount, decreasing the potential of waste.

They also have things like shampoo, body wash, and candles- all with low-waste concepts. On our last visit, I got a sea salt and sage candle. The candle’s jar can be rinsed out and used as a drinking glass once burned down. They also roast their own coffee and have a huge selection of high-quality beans to choose from.

BD Provisions has locations in Fairfield (in the BrickWalk Shopping Plaza) and Newtown (125 South Main Street). The Fairfield location is open until 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

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  1. Love this! I have to go into the Newtown store to grab some coffee! But would love to travel down to Fairfield to shop with you!!

  2. That would be fantastic! The Fairfield Store is absolutely gorgeous!

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