Fresh Produce from American Farmer

I was thrilled to receive this box from American Farmer. The majority of our grocery bill each week is spent on produce. We love our fruits and veggies! That being said, sometimes our grocery store doesn’t have the best selection or produce or it is heavily picked over by other shoppers. (Something that has always grossed me out.)

Each box from American Farmer, you receive over 18lbs of fresh produce directly from American Farmers. Our box had eggplant, avocados, two varieties of tomato, mushrooms, potatoes, onions, apples, and grapes. I was so impressed with the quality of all the items.

When you order from American Farmer, 10% of proceeds go directly to charities. This year, American Farmers has chosen to support Veterans Farm.

Thank you to American Farmer for sponsoring this blog post. #ad #americanfarmercsa

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