Just Get the Videographer

About a year ago, Ben and I were starting to finalize all of our wedding vendors. I was on the fence about having a videographer. It’s hard to believe, but I thought having someone video the entire day could be intrusive, not to mention very expensive. I didn’t want a camera in my face during some of the most sentimental and private moments in my life. The more we talked about it, the more I could tell Ben really wanted a videographer to document our special day. So, we decided to go for it.

So, here we are, three months after our wedding. I can say- without a doubt- having a videographer was the best decision we (in reality it was all Ben) made in the wedding planning process. I forgot there were two cameras on us for over ten hours that day. They were able to capture so many beautiful moments we would have otherwise missed or forgotten. We find ourselves watching this highlight video over and over again.

We are forever grateful to Brian for creating this incredible keepsake of our special day. I can’t say this enough- ladies, save money on your dress, accessories, or even skimp on the flowers, but DON’T FOREGO THE VIDEOGRAPHER! I can’t imagine our day without one, and I have no shame in saying, “Ben, you were right.” (Here is a short clip from our day!)

The photos used in this blog post were taken by Brooke Allison Photography.


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