Creating an Office Nook for Under $250!

The other day someone made reference to our “amazing house”. To be clear, Ben and I do not have a house yet. We have this fixer-upper two-bedroom condo that I got in my late-20’s. I am proud of the work I did before meeting Ben and the projects we have tackled together, like our brand new kitchen. Next up- we’ll be renovating both bathrooms this fall. Looking at houses on Zillow has become a pastime, but we both agreed that the smartest decision is to stay put for the time being and make this space work for us.

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A few weeks ago, I decided I needed my own little office nook. I was sick of sitting on the floor or at the dining room table to do work. Our condo is an open-concept so our kitchen, living room, and dining room are all linked together. We moved a few pieces of furniture and suddenly I had my own wall in our living room.

The desk I settled on was moderately easy to build and very simplistic. This chair is actually a dining room chair, but it works perfectly under the desk. I love the gold legs on it and feel like it accents some of desktop decorations well. I purchased this ginger jar lamp about six months ago and had it in our dining room on top of the buffet and bar area. As soon as I put it on my new desk, I knew this is where it belongs. (Full disclosure- this isn’t included in my $250 office redo makeover budget since we already had it.)

I’ve spent 30 minutes sitting at my desk each morning for the past several weeks. I roll out here around 5:15am and start my day checking emails, planning lessons, or writing blog posts. I feel incredibly focused, and I think it is all because I have an office nook to call my own.

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