The Bags You Need (Under $20!)

(A brief aside- this post is not sponsored. Both of these bags were purchased for me as a gift. They are too good not to share!)

If there is one thing I don’t need, it is another personalized bag. As a teacher, I think I have approximately 4,000 monogrammed tote bags. Slight exaggeration, and I’m not complaining. I carry a giant tote bag every school day, and I love all things monogrammed. I would monogram my cat if she would sit still long enough to have it done.

When Ben gave me TWO new personalized bags on the night of our rehearsal dinnerI was excited. When I finally had a chance to use them a few weeks after our wedding, I was thrilled. These two bags are way budget-friendly.

I used the first bag as my carryon for our honeymoon. I ended up carrying it all over Italy and Greece. I love how it zips closed and holds a ton of stuff. The color makes it versatile as it goes with everything. It is durable and looks cute with most casual, daytime outfits. You can access the Etsy Shop here.

The second bag is life-changing. (No joke) I have never had a ‘teacher tote’ that actually carries everything I need to take home at night. This bag fits my laptop, several binders, my plan book, and all the other odds and ends I lug home. The gold straps are durable, and I would imagine the bag is machine washable. I was shocked to see that it was listed UNDER $20 on Etsy. You can order it here.

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