Pasta Making Class in Italy

Our honeymoon was filled with so many incredible memories, but our morning spent with Chef Issa at her kitchen in Padua was one of our favorite moments.

We knew that we wanted to take a pasta-making class, so we started to search on TripAdvisor. There were so many options, but we were blown away with what we read about Chef Issa and “Mama Issa’s Cooking School”. Homegirl has several HUNDRED perfect reviews on TripAdvisor.

Our class was held on a Sunday morning, and we took the train from Venice to Padua. (Fun fact, Padua was also the home of St. Anthony. There are many things to do in town if you feel like hanging around.) The train took about 45-minutes, but it was very easy to navigate thanks to Chef Issa’s clear directions.

We were so pleased to be the only two students in class that morning. We made the most delicious egg pasta with fresh tomato sauce. Chef Issa had the best classic tunes playing as we kneaded, rolling, cooked, drank, and learned from her. I think the pictures truly tell the story…

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