Back-to-School Teacher Essentials

I can’t believe I’m writing this post. In many ways, the summer has gone by in the most perfect way. It has been a summer in which I’ve savored every, single moment. But, there is still that aspect where I think, ‘Where the heck did the summer go? How is it already time to head back to school?’

Any teacher can tell you how easy it is to go down the rabbit-hole of classroom decorations. It has taken me a decade, but now I can proudly proclaim that all of the bins in my classroom match. In addition to classroom decor, I find it hard to start a new school year without these essentials…

  1. A great plan book: For several years, I ordered form Purple Trail on Etsy. They make an awesome book! This year, I decided to jump on the Erin Condren bandwagon and ordered myself this pretty planbook. I found myself down the rabbit-hole of ‘add-ons’, and ordered a ton of stickers and fun pens.
  2. A new lanyard: They make us wear a horrific picture of ourselves around our neck each day. In my school, we literally can’t go anywhere without or even operate the copying machine. I love when my students say, “Who is that on your name tag?” I want to respond, “That was me. 8 years ago. On a day when they caught me with messy hair and no make-up. Had I known this picture would stay with me for the better half of a decade, I would have pulled myself together a bit more.” Here is the lanyard I ordered this year. I couldn’t resist getting it in navy blue and lime green to match my classroom.
  3. Something super cheesy: I really can’t resist. Every year I end up ordering some sort of cheesy t-shirt or display of teacher pride. This year, I ordered this gorgeous monogrammed cardigan. I am so excited for it to arrive in my custom color and monogram.
  4. All the clipboards: When we first started dating, Ben gave me a clipboard that said, ‘Miss Barbosa’ on it. I love it and have used it everyday for the past two years! He got me some new ‘Mrs. Young’ clipboards for this year.

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