The Statement Earrings You Need This Summer

There is nothing I love more than a good pair of statement earrings. If you’ve been following me on stories, you’ve heard me talk about Lobe Wonder. I’ve been using them to support one of my ear lobes after partially tearing it during my friend’s wedding this spring. The weight of heavy earrings and the all-night-dance-party didn’t mix well. I plan to visit my dermatologist, Dr. Klein, in the fall to have her stitch and fix it. Until then, I use Lobe Wonder and find that it is a perfect way to handle the weight of heavy earrings.

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I wore these earrings to my best friend’s ‘Goodbye Party’ a few weeks ago and got tons of compliments. Nobody could believe they were purchased for under $15! (Yes, this is the same friend who hosted the wedding where my lobe injury occurred.)

Local friends- you’ll know how much I love Shelala for all my statement earrings. Even if you’re not local, they ship anywhere in the US, and they always showcase new products on their IG page.

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