Wedding Update- Crunch Time!

We have these blocks that we’re supposed to flip over everyday to help us countdown to the wedding. It’s been stuck at 117 for a few months. We’re just about 40ish days away from our wedding. I got an email from The Knot telling me I’ve fallen behind on several checklist items. Although we’ve continuously neglected our block display and traditional wedding planning tools, we’re ready and so, so excited!

People always say that when you’re with the right person, you fall more in love with them each day. That statement always nauseated me, until now. I’m finding that to be true in my relationship with Ben. I’ve grown so much in the past two years, and I owe a lot of that to him. I’m more self-aware, and I would truly do anything to see him smile. (Except approve of his proposal for white tuxedo jackets)

I don’t consider myself a bridezilla, although my sister may disagree. She may super pregnant and trying to wrangle a toddler, but there are requirements for shoe choices. Come to think of it, our caterer’s event coordinator might disagree with that statement, too. I’ve been told I’m ‘particular’. We all know that’s code for ‘difficult.’ But, hey, I like what I like. I didn’t wait until I was 33 to plan a wedding where the flatware didn’t match the chargers.

It seems like everyday something is arriving in the mail for our big day. My biggest find was gold frames for our table signs. I found them at the Dollar Tree (similar ones linked here). I also decided to order myself a pair of “Mrs” Jack Rogers. I can even wear them in the fall when I return to school as Mrs. Young. I also ordered pajama sets for myself, our mothers, and sisters. They can wear them again (seriously), and it’ll be nice to match as we get ready on wedding day.

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It’s all sort of surreal. A year ago, my head was spinning with excitement over our engagement. And now, it is spinning over excitement for our big day and all the days that come after it.

Our engagement photos were taken by the wonderful Brooke Allison Photography, and the top image is by Julia Dags.

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