My Favorite Restaurant

It’s special when you find a restaurant you love, and it is even better when your significant other loves it just as much, too. Soon after we started dating, Ben and I discovered that we had a mutual love for Cava Wine Bar in New Canaan. Situated on the picturesque Forest Street, it is the perfect scene for a post-meal stroll.

A few weeks ago, I was thrilled to be invited to a dinner that Andrea, the Hangry Italian Girl, invited me to. As I drove to dinner, I kept thinking about how my order hasn’t changed since Cava re-opened its doors several years ago. I always order penne pasta with bolognese sans any dairy. Sometimes I get the Wood Fire Organic Salmon, which is equally as delicious.

Fast forward an hour, and I was sitting at a table amongst some amazing women and incredible new dishes at Cava. Let’s start with the appetizers. We had all three tartares- salmon, tuna, and steak. The tuna was seasoned perfectly and the salmon even had tiny sliced jalapeƱos- so delicious. Since having the best steak tartare in Paris last summer, I haven’t been able to eat it anymore. Nothing seems to live up to my insane expectations. That being said, the steak tartare at Cava was incredibly delicious and the only place I’ll order it stateside. We also tried the crispy artichokes, and they were perfection. I would never think to order crab cakes at Cava, but they were the perfect flavor and texture.

I can now proudly proclaim that I’ve tried every salad at Cava. The Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad is hands-down my favorite. (Yes, it’s the one you all messaged me about from my Instagram Stories.)

Since I’m such a creature of habit, I was nervous to try any new entrees at Cava. I like what I like and rarely deviate from my usual dishes. The Grilled Branzino stands out as a favorite dish. The combination of tomatoes, pesto, arugala, and grilled-to-perfection sea bass literally made my mouth water. I will definitely be adding this dish to my rotation. We also tried several pasta dishes, and they were all delicious.

I can’t mention Cava Wine Bar without talking about the wine list. It is extensive. The rear of the restaurant has a floor-to-ceiling wine display that is quite impressive. Since Ben doesn’t drink wine, it is always important that we go to restaurants with great ‘wine-by-the-glass’ options. Cava consistently has an extensive list of wines by the glass.

It is rare to find a restaurant with delicious food, an expansive wine list, and incredible service. Cava Wine Bar has all three.

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