Wednesday Wishlist 5/29/19

This week, I wanted to share my five most recent purchases. I talked about the LeSpec Air Heart sunnies last week. They arrived today in the mail, and they are gorgeous. Caution! They are huge and nearly cover my entire face.

I never thought there would come a time when someone suggested I purchase more shoes. Last week, one of my coaches at CrossFit basically told me that all my sneakers suck. (Ouch!) I have great spin shoes, running shoes, and a whole lot of sneakers that are good for nothing. So I ordered these gorgeous cross-training shoes after trying on a few different pairs. I can’t wait to wear them.

These JCrew pajamas are the best. Comfy and lightweight- perfect for this time of year. They are marked down to under $30- such a steal. The last two pieces- this dress and this top– are the perfect additions to any work wardrobe.

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