Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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I’m so excited to partner with some of my local blogger friends to bring you the gift guide that is linked above. Each of us picked one higher-priced item ($50 &up) and one lower-priced item (less than $50). I absolutely love what everyone picked. A big, special thank you to Helen from Style Inherited for creating all of these gorgeous graphics for the gift guide. Be sure to check out her blog post here.

A great option for mom is a fleece from Dudley Stephens. My sister, who is a pregnant toddler mom (aka a saint), lives in her DS fleeces. Not only do DS fleeces make great momiforms, you can dress them up, too. I often wear my Park Slope to work. The Highland High-Low Top is one of my favorite fits since it has a front pocket. I always recommend sizing up with Dudley Stephens fleeces.

I also rounded up a few more Mother’s Day picks below…including a pair of the best foldable, budget-friendly ballet flats from Stamford-based Talaria. I’ve been wearing mine for about a month now and get compliments wherever I go. At less than $40 a pair, they’re a major steal that your mom will love.

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