The Perfect Tees for Spring

Pardon the brevity of this week’s wishlist. I am in full vacation/Maid of Honor mode. I leave for Belize in 3 days! (Insert excited scream here) While packing my suitcase tonight, I realized I had packed 10 plain cotton tees and few linen ones, too. Excessive? Hardly! A good tee can be worn with anything.

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I absolutely love the JCrew linen v-neck t-shirts. Every spring, I always order a few and they last forever. They go with any and every item in my closet- from skirts and shorts to sweatpants. My newest obsession- the slim perfect t-shirt also from JCrew. I am so pumped to get them monogrammed (perhaps with my new initials. Does that mean I would have to wait until July to wear it?) Madewell is my other go-to retailer when it comes to the perfect tee. These v-neck t-shirts wash well and look awesome knotted on the side.

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Tees for Spring

  1. Love your blog! For the more ” mature figure”, I love the Lands End relaxed fit V-neck fit-shirt.

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