Swimwear for the Petite-Busted Girl

I decided to title “Wednesday’s Wishlist” with something a bit more creative. Please don’t mistake this post as a ‘self body shame’, because I truly am grateful for this body that God gave me.

Do you know anyone who loves buying swimwear? I honestly can’t think of a single person- male or female- who loves shopping for a new swimsuit. I would argue that swimsuits are made with the well-endowed girl in mind. However, the well-endowed girl would surely disagree. While I often struggle to fill the tops of my swimsuits, I can dive headfirst into the waves. I never worry about having to hold myself in. That is about the only perk to being ‘petite-busted’.

I’m heading to Belize in 10 days for my friend Lindsay’s wedding. I can’t wait to be on the beach! The one-shoulder JCrew Factory swimsuit is my new favorite. It is very flattering on top, and the cut of the bottom is modest, too. (Double bonus) I’m including my favorite picks, and many are currently on sale, too.

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