Jewelry for the Busy Woman: NYLA Star

When it comes to everyday styling, a simple, delicate necklace is a necessity. NYLA STAR, by designer Leslie Kumar, makes my favorite everyday jewelry. When I’m running around at 5:30am getting ready for work, I’m lucky that I get out the door with two matching shoes. I love that I can reach for my favorite NYLA STAR studs or necklace to complete my outfit. You can usually find me wearing my NYLA STAR studs on a daily basis (similar to these). These pieces stand the test of time. The everyday earrings I mentioned, I’ve had for almost five years. NYLA STAR pieces are made with the highest-grade cubic zirconia stones. A NYLA STAR necklace or earrings would make the perfect bridesmaid gift, birthday gift, or Mother’s Day gift. (Trust me- Mother’s Day is coming sooner than you think!) The Celeste Collection has my favorite delicate necklaces, and I love the statement earrings in the Raquel Collection.

Leslie Kumar Postmentier is the designer and and owner of NYLA STAR. In addition to being a kick-butt entrepeneur and designer, Leslie is also a mama of two adorable little ones. I have the utmost respect for women who are mothers and continue to live their professional dreams, too. Fun fact, the name NYLA STAR comes from a mix of the initials of Leslie’s loved ones.

If you’re local to Fairfield County, you can find NYLA STAR pieces are Kirby and Company in Darien. Currently, if you order from the website, you can receive 20% off your first order when you sign up for an account with NYLA STAR. Coming up on my Instagram this week– I’m giving away a NYLA STAR necklace to one lucky follower. Be sure to follow me @twentyfiveplus5

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