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If you haven’t been to Nefaire in Westport for a facial yet- you must go. Period. End of story.

We’re constantly being bombarded with reminders about living health conscious lives. It would be challenging to find a person who wouldn’t agree that healthy eating and exercise are crucial to overall health and wellness. I don’t know about you, but my skin always seems to suffer when I’m stressed, hormonal, or just plain eating crap. Let me tell you that my chin is definitely bearing the consequences of the bachelorette party I threw last weekend for my best friend. (Hello, major zit-situation on my chin)

Nefaire was built on the premise that “maintaining great skin is like working out.” That is an idea I can get behind 100%. The founders of Nefaire also believe in going natural with skincare products. This is why they tailor your facial to your exact skin needs. My facial included oatmeal and charcoal along with a whole list of other natural- and food- ingredients.

If you are looking for a great local place to get a facial- visit Nefaire in Westport. You will feel like a celebrity as your facial is built completely to your individual skin needs.

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