Wednesday Wishlist 3/6/19

Have you ever just had an extra $50 to spend? (Asking for a friend, because I certainly put every extra dime into my 403B. Eye roll.) This weather has me feeling all sorts of confused. I was in full spring-ahead mode, and now I’m staring at a yard filled with snow.

On today’s wishlist, I have my absolute favorite skincare products- the B5 anti-aging serum and the hydrating serum. Part of the reason these are my two favorites is that Dr. Klein– the fabulous dermatologist I’m seeing for my wedding skin-prep- is the creator of these products. I use both of these products daily and know they will come in handy once the seasons change and my skin get wacky again. (This is not sponsored by the way)

All of the items pictured are $50ish or less. These cropped pants are going to my favorite wear-to-work pants once the weather gets a bit warmer.

no products

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wishlist 3/6/19

  1. I have the Le Weekend Sweater! Love it! We really two peas in pod! I love you! XO

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