Whole30- 2/3 DONE!

Today marks the 19th day since we started our Whole30 journey. Do I feel so amazing that I notice an incredible difference? Not really. Have I been cured of IBS triggered by SIBO? Definitely not. Am I glad I started Whole30? Absolutely. I’m glad, because this has been an opportunity to learn more about myself, my health, and reset my digestion.

I’ve learned so much about my eating habits in the last 19 days. First and foremost, the weekends are my downfall. I begin most weekend mornings with a pretty intensive workout. That would usually be my ticket to whatever foods I wanted for the rest of the weekend. Saturdays were often filled with bagels, donuts, sugar-filled almond milk lattes, wine, and decadent dinners out. I mean, I did workout and eat relatively clean for the entire week. Whole30 taught me that I can find joy in preparing healthy dinners at home on a Friday night and a weekend breakfast doesn’t always have to include a bagel. I also learned that I don’t have to push myself for an early morning weekend workout. I’m eating balanced and nourishing meals, so I feel like I’m getting more out of my workouts. I find myself craving plain eggs, avocado, and fruit after a workout instead of my usual egg and dairy-free cheese on a bagel. In all honesty, I don’t really miss any of the junk I can’t eat this month. (Well, maybe red wine, but I don’t consider that junk.)

Here is a breakdown of some of the recipes we’ve made over the last few days.

Whole30 Must-Haves

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5 Helpful Whole30 Resources:

  1. Heather, from My Life Well-Loved offers some great resources and suggestions in this blog-posts. Tons of awesome links and recipes.
  2. Fellow CT-blogger, Lauren McBride, is a Whole30 Pro and shares her tips and recipes in this blog post.
  3. Physical Kichness has a Trader Joe’s Whole30 Shopping List that we found to be super helpful.
  4. Cheryl, from 40Aprons, has any and every Whole30 recipe you could want.
  5. This article by Huffington Post, helped debunk some of the common mistake first-timers make on Whole30

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