Wednesday Wishlist- 1/16/19

We made it- halfway through January. So if you’re giving up wine, dessert, shopping- you’re almost to the finish line. My sincere hope is that you’re not giving up shopping this month as there are tons of great sales going on. I’m showing way more self control this month and scaling back- but still, I can’t resist some of these great finds. The City Coat is STILL marked down and available in a bunch of sizes and colors. It’s less than $75.

I am a huge fan of J Crew denim- it lasts forever and fits so well. I’m totally missing the discontinued JCrew Pixie Pants. My hope is that the three pairs I own will last me a lifetime so I never have to live without them. (Not even being an ounce dramatic). Leopard with light pink has been my go-to lately. I love the way it looks together.

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