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I have to preface this post by giving a disclaimer. Before I met Ben, I lived on my own or with roommates for most of my 20’s. I became very independent and really started to fall in love with the idea of meal-planning and cooking healthy meals for myself. Now, I happily plan and cook for both of us. At this point in our lives, we have the flexibility to catch weeknight workouts and shuffle our schedules based on just the two of us. (Any moms and dads of little ones who are reading this- I assure you that I’m appreciating these luxuries.) Here is my weekly routine:


Get out your pen and paper- it’s time to start making some lists. Decide on five meals. I usually browse Pinterest looking for quick, healthy dinners. I don’t eat dairy, and we try to stay away from gluten and processed foods as best we can.  My “healthyish dinner ideas” board on Pinterest is everything. These are my favorite dinner recipes, and I can easily access them on my phone or computer. You can, too, by clicking here. 

A few of our favorites- sheet pan chicken and veggies, apple hash, and high-protein chopped salads.


Plan out your workout schedule. Since leaving Equinox, I now visit several studios each week for a variety of classes. I’ve been absolutely loving it, but it takes a bit of advanced planning.


Shuffle your recipes based on when you’ll arrive home each night. This is when I get out my chalkboard sign and fill-in all the gaps. I make a more complicated dinner on a night where I’m home earlier. I’ll also make dinners that yield more leftovers earlier in the week, because I know Ben loves taking leftovers for lunch. I make a to-do list in terms of cooking. Some days I will prep and cook more than one dinner. The apple hash recipe I mentioned above reheats very well.

TwentyFivePlus5 Dinner.jpg


Hit the grocery store and don’t forget your reusable bags. If you’re like us, hit multiple grocery stores. Our goal at the end of every week is a near-empty fridge. I really can’t stand wasting food.

TwentyFivePlus5 Dinner Ideas 3




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