My End-Year-Resolution: Be on Time with JORD Watches

(Backstory: I got a new watch from JORD a few weeks ago, and it has inspired me to be on-time.)

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Ben laughed out loud when he heard the title of this blog post. I’m consistently running 10 minutes late. Self-awareness is my speciality, so I’ve learned ways to cope. I’ve started to set my watch 10 minutes ahead or tell myself that events start half-an-hour earlier than they actually do. (I’m completely serious).

December is always such a busy month filled with an overload of food, fun, and family. Some days we are literally driving all over the state or hopping on the train to get into the city. It may be the blind leading the blind, but here are my tips to stay on schedule when life gets hectic this holiday season…

1. Make a list (and check it twice…or three times)

I would be lost without all my lists. During December, the number of lists I have seems to multiply. I try to check my work lists before leaving each day. Similarly, I check my lists at home every night. The last thing I want to do is forget a Christmas gift or neglect to bring the roasted brussels sprouts to Christmas Eve dinner.

2. Get yourself a watch

It’s been a whopping 26 days since I last had the glass repaired on my Iphone. No joke, I drop it all the time. For that reason, I tend to keep my phone away in my purse when we are on-the-go. I decided to start wearing a watch again to help keep on track this month.

A few weeks ago, I received a gorgeous wooden watch from JORD Watches.  I was able to customize the watch and picked a blue backplate, which I love. Most of their watch backplates can be engraved. The coolest thing is that you get to customize your own watch style based on your liking. Click here if you’d like to be entered to win a $100 toward a JORD watch for you or someone you love.

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JORD watches are unique, beautiful wooden watches

3. Your calendar is your best friend

Personally, I can’t handle managing a Google Calendar or one on my iPhone. I love a good, old-fashioned paper calendar. I keep it in my bag and take it everywhere. I would probably forget to show up for Christmas if it wasn’t for my calendar.

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Wooden Wrist Watch

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