Shopping at Louis Vuitton Maison Champs Élysées

Visiting Paris with Ben this past July was an absolute dream. We spent our five days exploring, strolling, eating, drinking, and marveling in all the wonders Paris has to offer. (You can read more about our trip here.)

To shop in Champs-Élysées is an amazing experience, and I really wanted to visit the Louis Vuitton store. You do save money shopping brands like LV while in France. (More on that at the bottom of this post). To be clear, my closet is home to all ends of the fashion spectrum. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that my daily wardrobe comes mainly from JCrew, H&M, Old Navy and Nordstrom. I’m a first-grade teacher, and there is nothing fancy or glamourous about that. That being said, I do enjoy having a few high-end fashion treats in my closet; a few pair of shoes and accessories. There are some things that are just beautiful and timelss. (Like my decade-old LV Speedy Bag that is aging better than I am.)

So, we wandered into the Louis Vuitton shop in Champs-Élysées, and had a blast. The store is almost like a museum, too. It was so fun to look at the old pieces and read the history behind them. We were given the most incredible service. Our salesman wore white gloves and served us champagne as he helped me find the perfect belt.

TwentyFivePlusFive Louis V Shopping 1
Male Model or my fiancé? It’s hard to tell…

TwentyFivePlusFive Louis V Shopping 2TwentyFivePlusFive Louis VuittonTwentyFivePlusFive Louis Vuitton 7TwentyFivePlusFive Louis Vuitton 8TwentyFivePlusFive Louis Vuitton 9TwentyFivePlusFive Louis Vuitton 10TwentyFivePlusFive Louis Vuitton 11

Many people wonder- is it cheaper to buy LV in France rather than in the states? In a nutshell- YES! All prices are in euros and include tax. You will be refunded the taxes if you have a US passport. You need to bring your passport when you shop, and they will give you all the proper forms to fill out before you go through customs at the airport. If you pay with a credit card, most banks also refund any sort of conversion fee. My total savings were about $110.






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